Villa de San Juan de la Rambla
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The house is located on the far side of the historic center of the municipality, bordering the back of its plot with the Las Monjas ravine.

As recorded in the cadastre, it was built in 1892.

Calle El Paso 5

The building, of modest dimensions and humble aspect, is constituted by a single quadrangular creak, of two heights, so that it adds its greater side to the street. It has a backyard, whose rear limit is truncated by the passage of the Las Monjas ravine. The façade, oriented to the north-northwest-following the alignment of the street-, has three openings arranged in an asymmetric way: two windows of quarters on the upper floor, attached to the eave; and a door, of small size, under the window to the left. On one side of the house, outside the volume of the main body, there is an open and narrow access to the backyard. To this space, private, gives a second facade with a window, upstairs, sta without glazed upright.

The carpenter is made of simple wood, with smooth frames. However, the doors, both the access to the house and the side access, have both been replaced by some of lacquered aluminum in green, although the original wooden jambs have been respected at the main door.

The swinging windows are the original ones from the moment of construction of the house, and are made up of three different parts, typical in the traditional Canarian architecture: sill, main part, and upper upright. The sill has three smooth frames. The central part of the windows, of two leaves, is carved with plain bearings that are ordered conditioned by the centered position of the shutters, also carved. At the top, the mon ...

Calle El Paso 5

Due to the lack of construction of the house, it has to be built with the traditional system of masonry walls and wooden structures in corridors, floors and roofs. This cover is, in this case, inclined to three waters - originally, surely, to be to four waters - with pairs and row, with curved tile coverage. Of the modest size of the creak and, in addition, according to the simple character of the house, it is possible to ensure that the roof lacks braces, knuckles and squares, solutions 'reserved ' to constructions of greater entity and economic capacity.

Calle El Paso 5

In recent times, the house has been subjected to a housing rehabilitation intervention. On the other hand, the original doors of the facade have been replaced by lacquered aluminum.

Calle El Paso 5

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