Villa de Los Realejos
- Bienes Muebles. Campanas -

Set of seven Bells Performed at the former company of Fundici n Salvador Mantr s, in C / Industria, 27, Valencia. This set is made up of six recast bells and a new one dated in 1981.

Conjunto de Campanas

Set of sheared bells, of industrial bronze casting with the usual inverted cup shape, with circular mouth and molding. They present wooden yoke with handle anchored by means of iron pieces to the yoke. With inscriptions of the foundry in the middle and iconographic images. The beating is mechanized in some of them and some still retain the yoke for manual beating.

Conjunto de Campanas

Bells see in images -Details of interest.


N1 - Height : 38 cm. Mouth : 38.5 cm - Manual hit

N2 - Height : 35.5 cm. Mouth : 35 cm - Manual hit

E2 - Height : 72 cm. Mouth : 70 cm - Mechanized knock

S1 - Height : 81 cm. Mouth : 84,5cm - Mechanized knock

S2 - Height : 65 cm. Mouth : 64.5 cm - Mechanized knock

O1 - Height: 65 cm. Mouth : 64.5 cm - Manual hit

O2 - Height : 40 cm. Mouth: 41 cm - Manual hit

Conjunto de Campanas

They are in the bell tower.

Conjunto de Campanas
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