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This street u2013 that owes its name to the event that occurred on July 25, 1797, that is to say the rejection of the attack and attempted invasion, carried out by Admiral Horacio Nelson on the capital of Tenerife, - is the main axis in the urban network of the Barrio de los Hoteles-Pino de Oro. The avenue, known at that time as Gran V a, is part of the Ensanche Plan of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, made by the architect Manuel de C mara in 1888. It was designed with the purpose of unifying the three urban spaces such as the Weyler Square, of a military and administrative nature, the Plaza de Veinticinco de Julio (residential) and the square of the Paseo de Los Coches (now Rambla de Santa Cruz), residential area and recreation. So in 1903, the town hall commission approved the extension of this street to Robayna Street. This project, however, starts from the ideals for the social and urban organization of Santa Cruz, described by Patricio Est vanez since 1881, where he already projected the image of a great avenue for the city, alluding to the great avenues of the main cities of the pen nsula.

In 1924, traffic was opened linking General Weyler Square with the Paseo de los Coches (Rambla de Santa Cruz), incorporating a roundabout or square through which to cross the future streets of Viera and Clavijo, General O u2019Donnell and Costa Grijalva Along the way there are emblematic buildings such as, the Plaza de 25 de Julio, popularly known as Plaza de Los Patos, the Mansion Mart Dehesa, the Church of San J ...

Avenida Veinticinco de Julio

The Twenty-fifth of July Avenue located in the northwestern area of the Garc Park in Sanabria is the small section of the Twenty-fifth of July Avenue that runs parallel to the park, since it goes much longer, going from the intersection with the Juan Pablo II Street, near General Weyler Square, to the junction with Rubens Marichal L pez Street and Pintor Jos Aguiar Street, with 870 meters in length. It should be noted that the sense of movement of vehicles can be done both ways and has a central promenade where pedestrians can walk.

Length of the street 870 meters.


On the Twenty-fifth Avenue of July the crosswalks and the traffic lines are in poor condition, since there are damages in the paintings and these are incomplete. Urban furniture such as street lamps, benches, pots etc. of this avenue they are modern although it does not break with the old aesthetic that follows the avenue. As for the monuments found in this avenue they are in a state of medium conservation, because they are both dirty and painted.

Avenida Veinticinco de Julio

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Photograph: Jos M. Bossini Ruiz.

Avenida Veinticinco de Julio
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