San Cristóbal de La Laguna
- Arquitectura Civil y Doméstica. Anterior al S.XX -

This house located on San Agustin Street, before Gua Real Street No. 22 was built in 1593 by D. Francisco Lercaro de Le n, Italian merchant married to D. a.catalina Justianini, daughter of Gaspar Justianini, public scribe son of Bernardino Justianini the Old Man who had built a house on the site.

The house is supposedly built entirely in 1599.

The building was restored and rehabilitated as a History Museum by the Island Council of Tenerife in 1993, housing in several thematic rooms the historical evolution from the Conquest to the present.

The house was the home of the Lercaro Justianini family until the family moved to La Orotava, maintaining the ownership of La Laguna Palace House until the mid-twentieth century.

From 1940 to 1953 it was the headquarters of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of La Laguna.

Casa Lercaro

San Crist bal de La Laguna. 5 Centuries of History. Delegation of Historical Heritage of the City of La Laguna. 1996.

SORIANO AND BENITEZ DE LUGO, ALFONSO; Laguneras Houses and Families. The Lineages and Palaces of Nava-Grim and Salazar de Fr as City Hall of San Crist bal de La Laguna. 2007

Casa Lercaro

Main facade (San Agustin Street)

The general organization of the facade is formed by a central body of stone, the rest of the masonry, gaps and eave of tiles. Its composition is asymmetrical presenting four windows at the top that are not completely aligned with each other and in the corner a whistle made up of basic stone that serves as a constructive link between the two facades.

Stresses the cover of Genoese Mannerist style stonework coinciding with the origin of the family, rising in two bodies to exceed the outstanding cornice supported by small nulas with rings decoration and the coat of arms of the Lercaro family sculpted in stone in the middle.

The access door framed in stonework contributes to the arrangement of the facade by placing a window on it, highlighting a circular front with three vases in the architectural composition.

The plaster has a characteristic sgraffing of the Genoese palaces, being discovered during the renovation work of the building.In it you can see a perfectly regular strolling of the work of whistling a.

Side facade (Tabares de Cala Street).

It is more asymmetric than the main one. It has two heights in almost all its extension except in the areas of access to the courtyards.

The part of the access facade to the backyard and the garages is composed of a single-floor body where we find a double iron gate ...

Casa Lercaro

MUNICIPALITY San Crist bal de La Laguna

ZONE District1- Historic Center

ADDRESS Street San Agust n, 22

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