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San Cristóbal de La Laguna
- Espacios Urbanos. Calles -

This street is a prolongation of Bencomo Street and next to its parallel the Obispo Rey Redondo Street ( Carrera Street ), probably following the path of two roads that departed from the Villa de Arriba, being therefore those of configuration and layout before Guos, since all the other streets were built following their axes and their references.

It owes its name to Capit n Gerardo Brotons. He was born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, on December 5, 1903 and died in Talavera de La Reina, (Toledo), on February 6, 1937. Son of Don Estanislao Brotons and Poveda and from do a Mar to Rosa Ballester and Martinez- Ocampo

He married on May 2, 1926, in La Laguna (Santa Cruz de Tenerife), with Ana de Ascanio and Le n-Huerta, who was born in La Laguna on January 8, 1908 and died in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on May 18, 1999. From this link was born his only son, Don Estanislao.

He entered the Artiller Academy in 1921, obtaining the rank of Lieutenant in 1925, being assigned to the Artiller Regiment in Tenerife. I ascended to Capit n in 1933.

In 1929 he was appointed Professor of Mathematics of the Political School of La Laguna; and in 1933 he was issued the title of Industrial Engineer.

In January 1936, he was given command of the Battery of Monta a de La Laguna and was appointed Military Commander of the Canton of said City. On September 16, 1936 and under the command of the 1 Bater to Expeditionary of Tenerife, embarks bound for Vigo, to intervene in the Spanish civil war. On November 9, he was injured at the Casa de Campo (Madrid), and died at the Military Hospital of Talavera de La Reina (Toledo) on February 6, 1937.

For the fighting in the University City, the San Fernando Collective Laureate Cross was awarded and for a heroic action, Rodrigo, successor in the Command of the Brotons Captain, was awarded the Individual Military Medal.

He was awarded the Medal of Sufferings for the Fatherland; and the Bater he had under his command, the Laureate Cross of San Fernando with a collective character.

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Calle Capitán Brotons
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Comentario Actualmente dicha calle se llama "Alcalde Alonso Suárez Melián", abogado, miembro de la Agrupación Socialista y último alcalde democrático de La Laguna antes del golpe militar del 36. Por lo tanto se debería corregir y actualizar el nombre de dicha calle, para que la información sea la adecuada. Saludos