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The most popularly known as Calle La Noria in Santa Cruz de Tenerife is actually Antonio Dom nguez Alfonso street. Located in the neighborhood of La Concepci n, it is one of the oldest areas of the city, with buildings that can date back to the 15th and 16th centuries.

On the origins of this one goes COLA BENITEZ ' u2026 from the first moment, since Lugo entered the island in 1496, the people in charge of the affairs of the port, Pedro de Vergara and the presbyte War-nephew from Lope Fern ndez de la Guerra-, together with the first known mayor of Santa Cruz Bartolom Fern ndez Herrero, they will be concerned with starting the opening of wells and reservoirs near the houses. This was the origin of the name of the street of Las Norias -in plural- that, as Jos Desir Dugour reminds us, along with the then incipient streets of the Church or Broad Street, of La Caleta and Barranquillo -which formed the n cleo foundational of the population-, they began to knit the urban fabric timidly. He also informs us that for the construction of the first houses, land was brought by sea to make shingles from Guadamojete - an aboriginal top unfortunately almost forgotten about what is now called Radazul - and wood from the forests of the Bufadero valley. Soon the wealthiest neighbors began to open wells in the courtyards or orchards of their homes, as well as reservoirs to collect rainwater. And so, some having water in their homes and others stocking up on the precious liquid in natural currents, began to drink ...

Calle Domínguez Alfonso

Antonio Dom nguez Alfonso street or La Noria street houses the oldest houses in the city. In this urban area, today in a pedestrian day, the traditional Canarian style houses with one and two floors are still forming the only historical ensemble of the city.

It is a traditionally carnival street, which has the rehearsal premises of the largest of the murgas that have made history at the carnival. Among its many locations, the most famous is the 'Afilarmica Ni Fu-Ni Fa '.

In addition to the rehearsal venues of the carnival groups in La Noria there are several bars and restaurants with outdoor terraces and patios that constitute the most attractive leisure point on weekends in the capital.

Between 1998 and 2001, the street has undergone a remodeling with treatment of facades, paving and provision of urban furniture within the Urban Plan in its two phases. The objectives of this Plan were to improve the economic fabric of the area and generate employment, as well as to end the situation of social marginalization in which it was located.

Calle Domínguez Alfonso

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