Villa de San Juan de la Rambla
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Building located in front of the house of the Delgado Oramas family, between Antonio Oramas street and Alh ndiga. It is one of the houses of great influence in the origins of the town since it served as Alh ndiga or P sito for the storage and sale of grain. It is known that initially it was inherited by Do a Jacobina Rodr guez at the end of the 16th century, it was sold later. It was one of the homes affected by the hall of 1826 and has also undergone major renovations in gaps, floors and roof so little is preserved of the original building except its walls. It currently houses the post office and a cultural space.

Casa la Alhóndiga

Property located on the corner, which has two floors of which one is a semis tano on the northwest facade. There are two modules with rectangular plan. A total of twelve adintelados bays are distributed in an orderly and symbolic way between the different facades.

The module located to the north has an impassable flat roof, on its main façade it has a single floor with two openings, while on the side under its two openings there are small windows that give rise to a semi-tannin caused by the difference of levels of the slope. The carpenters are of a similar design, the windows have a factory railing and are made up of two folding sheets of glazed frames and the access door is made of two folding sheets made of wood. In the upper part of the side façade, there are three wooden rgolas that drain the rainwater from the roof.

In the south module, where the post office is located, it is composed of two heights and the roof is inclined, with two curved tile waters made of modern materials. The main facade has a total of six openings with the same design as the annexed module. A revocation zone acts as a link between the two properties.

Casa la Alhóndiga

MUNICIPALITY San Juan de la Rambla

ZONE Historic helmet

ADDRESS C / la Alh ndiga


X 338,575.52

And 3,141,979.98

PGO of San Juan de la Rambla, Cat logo of Protected Buildings of the municipality of San Juan de La Rambla, December 1999.

PEP of Interior Reform of San Juan de la Rambla , February 1998.

BIC , Category of Historic Set, BOC N 092 (07/16/1993).

Five centuries of history of San Juan de la Rambla Jos Antonio Oramas Luis. 1999.

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