Villa de San Juan de la Rambla
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Building located on Calle el Sol erected by Don Felipe P rez Lu sa at the beginning of the 20th century. Currently it belongs to the City Council of San Juan de la Rambla, who has carried out the reforms and will soon become the point of tourist information.

Casa de los Pérez Luis

Building of two heights with irregular plant, this stands out in the environment because its start is above the level of the slope. Between its two main facades of ecological style it has a total of fifteen openings that are distributed in an orderly but not symbolic manner. All the openings have an element in relief in the form of a semicircular arch with decorative elements with floral motifs in relief.

All the original carpenters have been replaced, on the upper floor the windows are made of two folding leaves, with a wooden sill and glazed upper. The doors are made of wood with smooth frames.

The roof is flat, it has a tower in the center. Highlights a balustrade located under a cornice of cement with balusters of canter to turned with intermediate columns. There are two cornices arranged as a dividing line between the different slabs.

Casa de los Pérez Luis

MUNICIPALITY San Juan de la Rambla

ZONE Historic helmet

ADDRESS C / El Sol, n 3


X 338,645.14

And 3,141,957.45

PGO of San Juan de la Rambla , Cat logo of Protected Buildings of the municipality of San Juan de La Rambla, December 1999.

PEP of Interior Reform of San Juan de la Rambla , February 1998.

BIC , Category of Historic Set, BOC N 092 (07/16/1993).

Five centuries of history of San Juan de la Rambla Jos Antonio Oramas Luis. 1999.

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