Villa de San Juan de la Rambla
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This is a clear example of domestic architecture in the functional core of the municipality. The property, currently divided into two houses, is one of the most important houses in the town partly due to its geographical location in the Church Square. It was erected towards the first half of the sixteenth century and renovated in the seventeenth century, this belonged first to one of the founders of the town, D. Mart n Rodr guez. Its builder was Mr. Antonio Lorenzo Delgado Oramas de Sa.

With the passage of time various additives have been introduced to its facades, mainly in the back. In addition, a dividing wall has been arranged whose axis is located in the courtyard and divides it as well as its galleries in two independent zones.

Casa de los Oramas Saá

This large property forms a square floor with a central courtyard, the northeast corner is chamfered. Over time, interior divisions have been made and currently it has several owners. It does not have medians with other buildings, so it has access through its four facades. It is composed of two heights, although in the southeast corner it rises to a third floor that was used for cattle. All the windows were originally of fixed sill, with two folding leaves and shutters bearing frames, glazed on the top and with wooden seats located under it inside.

In the first place, the south façade with a total of ten lintels, stands out for a balcony located on the second floor. Said balcony is arranged in the form of ajimez made of wood, closed by jealousy to and with two shutters; It is supported by double dogs and also has its own roof developed in three waters with a curved tile finish. Located in the east, the house rises a third floor, this is a barn; it has a sliding window towards the street and the roof has a wooden cornice under the eaves supported by cinnamon sticks.

On the other hand, the west façade, adjacent to the Church Square, is composed of a total of twelve lintelled openings. It should be noted that these openings do not have the same characteristics. You can see the asymmetric distribution of the gaps in the facade as well as the various modifications that have been made ...

Casa de los Oramas Saá

MUNICIPALITY San Juan de la Rambla

ZONE Historic helmet

ADDRESS N Rosario Square Oramas n 6


X 338,528.68

And 3,142,043.51

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