Villa de San Juan de la Rambla
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Large property, this has been of great influence throughout the years. It was erected at the end of the 18th century by the militia captain, Mr. Manuel Vicente Alonso del Castillo, who made important contributions so that the works of extensions of the same could be carried out. Although at first it belonged to a sole proprietor, Mr. Manuel Vicente ordered the placement of a partition on both floors to participate in it in order to donate half of his home to the Church, of This way became since then and until today the Parish House of the Church.

Casa de los Alonso del Castillo

The property located on the corner has a trapezoidal plant with a small or central courtyard. Its main façade is composed of a total of ten lintelled openings, the distribution is neat and symmetrical starting from a central axis, differentiated by the different modifications that the carpenters have undergone.

There are therefore four types of sales, all of which are made of wood and the large one with glazed uprights, is that inside there are curved armchairs typical of Canarian architecture. The doors are made of solid wood with a two-leaf folding system with wooden frames.

Its roof has a wooden structure with a tile finish, in this there is a stone ledge under the eaves, in addition to the result of subsequent reforms, it is located on two small roofs.

It is clear that two main hallways are accessed through the main doors. Inside there is a large patio from where a two-body wooden staircase starts, with right feet that give access to a gallery.

Casa de los Alonso del Castillo

MUNICIPALITY San Juan de la Rambla

ZONE Historic helmet

ADDRESS C / Narrow n 1 and 3


X 338,535.48

And 3,142,021.32

PGO of San Juan de la Rambla, Cat logo of Protected Buildings of the municipality of San Juan de La Rambla, December 1999.

PEP of Interior Reform of San Juan de la Rambla, February 1998.

BIC, Category of Historic Set, BOC N 092 (07/16/1993).

Five centuries of history of San Juan de la Rambla Jos Antonio Oramas Luis. 1999.

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