Villa de San Juan de la Rambla
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On the royal road there is one of the few accesses to go down to the edge of the cliff, where there are some small puddles used by the neighbors for their baths in the sea. A few meters away, the Casa del Conde, in a state of abandonment, was once or one of the most productive farms in the La Rambla neighborhood.

The Hacienda dates back to the seventeenth century as owner of Count Del Palmar, now divided into two, as half was assigned to a board of trustees for orphaned children and the rest sold to other owners.

Pedro de Ponte y Llerena Hoyo y Calder n (Garachico, 1624 - July 25, 1705), the count of Palmar, was a Spanish military and colonial governor.

Military in Portugal and Flanders: Descendant of an illustrious family, he was the ruler of Tenerife and a knight of the order of Calatrava, when by order of the regent queen Mariana of Austria and the Marquis of Aytona he was entrusted to carry out in the islands a cam of a thousand men, with whom he formed the third of the Canary Islands, which in 1662 went to swell the army of Extremadura in the war against Portugal. Later he served in Flanders, where Spain lent his military support to the United Provinces of the Netherlands in their fight against France in the Franco-Dutch war. Ponte stood out for his audacity in different episodes, ascending to sergeant major and field master and serving as governor of Ghent.

Governor of Panama In 1681 he was appointed governor and general captain of Tierra Firme and pr ...

Casa Del Conde del Palmar

Neoclassical style house, which belonged to the Count of Palmar. It is a set of two longitudinal townhouses, two floors. In its south and west facades it presents ornaments of canter a in roof, cornices, doors and windows, as well as sill rails to those of the high floor. It also has a framed side port of stone.

Main trapezoidal facade with eight geometrically arranged openings, mamposter wall a.

The access through a framed side port of canter, with wooden door with access to the house through an exterior patio. Flat roof with an irregular floor plan, with a perimeter stone wall and sill decorated with a stone ledge

Casa Del Conde del Palmar

MUNICIPALITY San Juan de la Rambla

AREA Ribera del Mar

ADDRESS Ribera del Mar Street, n 5


X 340,166.34

And 3,142,103.46

PGO San Juan de La Rambla, Cat Logo of Protected Buildings. Final approval July 2004.

Special Protection Plan and Interior Reform of San Juan de la Rambla 1997

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Special Protection Plan and Interior Reform of San Juan de la Rambla. 1997

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