Villa de San Juan de la Rambla
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According to data, construction work began in 1933 through a group of neighbors. Worship the advocacy of the Holy Cross, in a plot donated by Don Oroncio Hern ndez Rodr guez (1901-1867). In 1934 a document is signed in which it is stated that the property has been assigned to the patrimony of the church. In 1935 the roof is roofed and the door is arranged thanks to the initiative of the priest Mr. Lorenzo Rodr Guez. A posteriori the altar and the images were arranged.

At present, on May 3, one of the most important festivities takes place in the municipality, this is the Tura de las Cruces.

Capilla de Cruz y San Rafael

This construction of modern lines is located in front of Calvary. The facade is crowned by a sword with a curved shape in whose center a bay is opened with a small bell, also crowning it is placed on a stone cross. Under said sword a cornice with decorative elements is placed as a dividing line. Among the elements that make up its façade, the semicircular arch that borders the access door with carved stone elements stands out, as well as the columns that are located on both sides. The carpenter is made of wood with glazed doors that are preceded by wooden bars.

Next to the door is a plaque in which the name of the Chapel of the Cross and of San Rafael has been inscribed.

On the other hand, inside it is composed of a small enclosure destined to house a simple cross which is honored on May 3, covering it with flowers. There is also a modern image of San Rafael.

Capilla de Cruz y San Rafael
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