Villa de San Juan de la Rambla
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This small chapel is located on the periphery of the historic town center, at the start of the old road that leads to the San Jos neighborhood. It is recorded that it was erected in 1928 at the initiative of a group of neighbors, who gave up part of their land to build it. This chapel, as the name implies, was built to give the Santa Cruz advocacy.

It belongs to the set of crosses that on May 3 at the Fiestas del V a Crucis.

Capilla de Cruz de la Calle Antonio Oramas

Rectangular building of small dimensions with impassable flat roof. Inside it houses a small altar with a wooden cross.

On its main façade, a large number of ornamental elements can be observed: the semicircular arch arranged on the door has reliefs carved in the stone; on both sides and by way of stone there is also a smooth stone cladding which is crowned by two cups of stonework, in addition to an upper cornice that makes the dividing line with the frontis. This front is quite peculiar for its design with a curved curve, crowned by a piece of stone that contains only one vain where the bell is placed under the stone cross; It also has an ornamental stone located in the center of the front n with elements in relief as a decorative. The half-point door that gives access to the interior is of simple design, composed of two folding leaves, with a lower wooden quarter and two upper quarters composed of bars.

Capilla de Cruz de la Calle Antonio Oramas

MUNICIPALITY San Juan de la Rambla

ZONE Historic helmet

ADDRESS C / Antonio Oramas 27 (B)


X 338,427.85

And 3,141,849.55

PGO of San Juan de la Rambla , Cat logo of Protected Buildings of the municipality of San Juan de La Rambla, December 1999.

PEP of Interior Reform of San Juan de la Rambla, February 1998.

BIC , Category of Historic Set, BOC N 092 (07/16/1993).

Five centuries of history of San Juan de la Rambla Jos Antonio Oramas Luis. 1999.

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