Villa de San Juan de la Rambla
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The house, located in the area of Las Aguas, former Camino Real that joins the area of San Juan from the old street of Alh ndiga with that of Las Aguas, seems to have been built throughout the 19th century by the architectural style Only presenting, the most common that appears in the locality. It is currently in a very poor state of preservation.

Avenida Las Aguas, nº 21

Two-storey property with a rectangular plan, whose main trapezoidal facade facing east has seven openings unevenly and asymmetrically. The main door, which is accessed by a masonry slope, is shifted to the right.

The woodwork of the gaps is simple, from which we can see five windows aligned in the upper height, of large simple quarters, of glazed folding leaves and with mamposter a. The door consists of two folding leaves and frames without any detail. In addition, a small window can be seen as a skylight and ventilation.

Its roof is inclined to two asymmetric waters, finished with Arabic tile or leg, where a prism chimney appears and whose spillways are observed in the facade by means of four Rgolas distributed along it.

Avenida Las Aguas, nº 21

MUNICIPALITY San Juan de la Rambla

The Waters AREA

ADDRESS N Las Aguas Avenue , n 21


X 339.052.15

And 3,142,118.86

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Special Plan of Protection and Interior Reform of San Juan de La Rambla , 1997.

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- Electronic Cadastre Headquarters: www.sedecatastro.gob.es

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