Villa de San Juan de la Rambla
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Housing dates from the twentieth century with origin of industrial use. Possibly a shoemaker since it was one of the deep-rooted industrial activities in San Juan de la Rambla, especially since the civil war and until the 1950s. These were mainly dedicated to the manual manufacture of bot-type footwear. n, with a rubber floor obtained from the used wheels of the vehicles for one of the tasks of the field.

Av. José Antonio, 12

The house is constituted by a set of cruj as forming an inner courtyard at different levels resulting in a grouped square plant.

It has two facades, a main façade facing Jos Antonio Avenue has a constitution of five openings and another east façade with a slope formation towards an alley where four openings can be seen.

Main facade with three doors, some with access to housing and the other access to an old industry. This also consists of two windows. The carpenter is made of wood, with a swinging wooden frame with wooden geometric frames and glazed skylights, trellised with wooden balusters.

West facade located in a stone alley has one of its windows altered its dimension, as a swing with two wooden leaves composed of glass quarters at the top and geometric wooden quarters at the bottom.

It has a flat roof at the same level with an inner courtyard, its sill is crowned with a stone sill and under this a stone cladding.

Municipality: San Juan de la Rambla

Zone: Historic Center

Address: La Ladera Street, n 1


X: 338.273.99

Y: 3,141,891.80

PGO San Juan de La Rambla, Cat Logo of Protected Buildings. Final approval July 2004.

Special Protection Plan and Interior Reform of San Juan de la Rambla 1997

Cartograf a de Canarias SA (GRAFCAN)

PGO San Juan de la Rambla. 2004

Special Protection Plan and Interior Reform of San Juan de la Rambla. 1997

Electronic Headquarters of the Cadastre.

Jose Antonio Oramas Luis, Five Centuries of History of San Juan de la Rambla. San Juan de la Rambla Town Hall. 1999

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