Villa de Los Realejos
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Almac ny ga an a belonging to the Hacienda del Vizconde del Buen Paso dating from the mid-seventeenth century was built by Don Francisco del Hoyo, finally leaving the inheritance linked in 1647 to his brother Don Mart n del Hoyo-Sol rzano and Catalina de Alzola Subsequently, the successive descendants included the Viscount of the Good Step, Don Crist bal del Hoyo-Sol rzano (1677-762), an arist crata with a mentality more similar to that of the European enlightened nobleman, than that of the cl Arist canary crata.

Cuatro Ventanas, 4

Rectangular building and a single creak with a single height that solves the functional program of warehouse, gans and house of mediators, being a building annexed to the Hacienda of the Viscount of the Good Step. The south façade is a plane without practicing any opening there, probably due to the successive inheritances they ended up closing the gaps that it had to present at the top for aeration and light entry. The north facade, however, presents a series of small openings in the upper part for that purpose, only presenting 4 openings as a door that relate the different areas of the building with its exterior.

The roof covered with four waters with curved tile is finished off in a small eaves in buildings of these characteristics since they appear with two tile threads.

Cuatro Ventanas, 4


ZONE Four Windows

ADDRESS            Four Windows, 4


X 343373.98

And 3141394.21

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