Villa de Los Realejos
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Crucified Christ of baroque lines and with the characteristic praxitelian curve, carved by the Canarian sculptor Jos Lujan P rez in the first years of the 19th century.

Crucifijo (4)

Crucifix with a picture, of carved and polychrome round lump, of Christ crucified with three nails with right foot on the left foot and the purity knotted on the right with incarnations on the knees and the wound of the spear on the right side, represented after his death with his eyes closed and his head bent over his right shoulder where a strand of his masterfully carved hair falls.

Crucifijo (4)

Height : 125 cm Width : 68 cm Depth : 20 cm

Crucifijo (4)

It is located in the sacristy of the church.

Crucifijo (4)

Jos Ces reo L fish Plasencia, 'Jos Lujan P rez in Tenerife, the Christ of the parent Parish of Santiago de Realejo alto. u201 Yearbook of Athletic Studies '- 2002.

Foundation International Center for the Conservation of Heritage (Cicop), 2013.

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