Villa de Los Realejos
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These parties take place between May 2 and 3 of each year in the municipality of Los realejos, with two different celebratory centers, but united by a symbol, such as the Cross.

In the center of the Holy Cross, from its view, there are hundreds of crosses that on roads, facades, windows, interiors of houses, courtyards and chapels, are adorned with the finest flowers, candles and lights that structure beautiful altars. A tradition that becomes stronger every year, inheriting customs from younger generations.


In the parish of the place, on the afternoon of that day the Eucharist is celebrated and the Holy Cross is processed; Some years the representation of the legend of the cross takes place, which gives its name to the center. The second stop of this day we must look for it in the parish of Apostol Santiago, there a beautiful cross covered with silver is celebrated on the morning of May 3, procession through the streets of the Sun and the Middle of Above. In recent years, there are many neighbors who adorn their crosses in a public way and are exposed in windows, hallways and doors, in both streets. We must not forget that the party extends throughout the municipal geography, counting more than three hundred crosses throughout the town, which are decorated for this day.

Point and apart deserve the fires in honor of the Holy Cross. The story ate ...

Cruces y Fuegos de Mayo

PARTY GUIDE. HE City Council of Los Realejos. Department of Tourism. 2016

Cruces y Fuegos de Mayo
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