Villa de Los Realejos
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The Christian holiday of the Body and Blood of Christ, known as Corpus Christi, is celebrated in each parish of the town with its different singularities. It has been customary since ancient times to make tapestries and carpets along the processional paths, in addition to decorating the streets with bouquets and hangings that hang from windows and balconies, from where flower petals are thrown to the passage of the Sant Sacramento Sacrament.

It is noteworthy the sand carpets of the church square in the surroundings of the Realejo Bajo, and all the corridos and borders that are based on heather and flowers are made through the streets of the old town. also highlight the ephemeral creations that are executed by the residents of La Cruz Santa, without detracting from those made in Realejo Alto, La Monta a, Icod el Alto, or Toscal Longuera. Lastly, the celebrations are ahead of the previous Saturday, highlighting the carpets made with salt from bright colors.

Corpus Christi de Los Realejos

PARTY GUIDE. HE City Council of Los Realejos. Department of Tourism. 2016

Corpus Christi de Los Realejos
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