Villa de Los Realejos
- Bienes Muebles. Textiles -

Religious clothing made by the technique of sewing.

The color indicates the hope of the regenerated creature and the desire for eternal rest. It is also a sign of life and freshness and they are of the Christian soul and the sap of God's grace. It is used on Sundays and weekdays of ordinary time. In ordinary life we must walk with the hope placed in heaven.

Conjunto de Casullas verdes

Liturgical attire wide and open on the sides for the celebration of Mass. It symbolizes the charity that covers all sins and by leaning on the shoulders, the gentle yoke of the Lord. (For a more specific description of the Chasubles see Images-Details of interest)

Conjunto de Casullas verdes

Several dimensions ranging from 121 to 116 cm high by 68 to 75 cm wide.

Conjunto de Casullas verdes

Located in the parish office.

Conjunto de Casullas verdes

Foundation International Center for the Conservation of Heritage (Cicop), 2013.

Conjunto de Casullas verdes
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Conjunto de Casullas verdes Iglesia de Santiago Apóstol - Cat:Iglesias