Villa de Los Realejos
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This cemetery located on Transversal 1 El Moc n street, in the Moc n neighborhood, built in the twentieth century, belonging to the former municipality of Realejo Alto, was erected in order to replace the old cemetery located in the immediate vicinity of the Church of Santiago Ap stol built in the nineteenth century, in the place where the Plaza de La Uni n is located today. The cemetery of San Agust n is built taking as reference the cemetery of San Francisco de As s, inside we can find some architectural elements of interest, such as the chapel in addition to the pantheons designed by Tomas Machado.

Cementerio Municipal de San Agustín

This cemetery is based on a trapezoidal plot, which is structured from a central axis from west to east following a linear approach of corridors parallel to this axis, which starts from the main access door, an arcane arch, to the chapel located at the other end, these corridors are intersected by three roads from north south which, thus defining the streets. The chapel, as well as the entrance door and the exterior enclosure follow classical guidelines in its exterior appearance, as evidenced by the closing of the pilasters by incorporating flakes, wrought iron bars, the triangular front split with ncavo-convex molding where the cross is housed, which tops the main door, and the chapel, of very simple and clean composition, with a semicircular arch, topped on its front by a curved and countercurved front with ncavo-convex molding on which the cross is raised.

Cementerio Municipal de San Agustín


AREA El Moc n

ADDRESS C / Tr. 1 The Moc n, 2


X 345214.60

And 3140068.63

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