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Religious clothing made by the sewing technique dated at the end of the 19th century. It has a factory brand: Llores Casa Aranda. From Alfonso I. 13 and 15 Zaragoza. Chasuble is a sign of humility and penance. It is used in Advent, Lent, masses of the dead (black color can also be used) and Penitential celebrations.

Casulla de Adviento y Cuaresma

Piece made of purple fabric with gold embroidery, bordered by gold gilt with geometric relief motifs. In both the front and the back area there are two strips of parallel golden gallons that run vertically across the surface and divide it into three parts, starting from the neck. The entire surface of the chasuble is decorated with gold embroidery, based on leaves and flowers. The central border is completely covered with the embroidery, which forms floral drawings and the embroidery is loaded in the lower half in the lateral areas, thinning the decorative motif as the drawing ascends until it becomes a fine embroidery from which leaves come out and small flowers. The lining of the piece is purple linen.

Casulla de Adviento y Cuaresma

Height: 104 cm

Width: 63 cm

Casulla de Adviento y Cuaresma

Located in the parish office.

Casulla de Adviento y Cuaresma

Foundation International Center for the Conservation of Heritage (Cicop), 2013.

BOC.2011 / 227. File of modification of the Cultural Interest Property, with a category of Historical-Artistic Monument, in favor of the Church of Santiago Ap stol, in the municipality of Los Realejos

Casulla de Adviento y Cuaresma
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Casulla de Adviento y Cuaresma Iglesia de Santiago Apóstol - Cat:Iglesias