Villa de Los Realejos
- Arquitectura Civil y Doméstica. Arquitectura Doméstica Caserío -

The location of the caser or is conditioned by the topographic and edaphological conditions, and its use is related to own crops of the adjacent farms, currently undermined use although it has terraces in its surroundings. The largest of the buildings is made of stone and mud masonry, with woodwork made of woodwork. The term caser or seems to refer to its character of agglomerate of houses, but unlike the haciendas, there is a predominant built-up element that hierarchizes the rest of the constructed volumes. Pudi ndose dated in the mid-eighteenth.

The houses were a fundamental element in the agriculture of the area. Its conception is that of an essentially self-sufficient economic unit, traditionally surrounded by agricultural land that virtually meets all needs.

Caserío de Las Cuevas

Its construction in general is based on stone and mud, in the form of isolated houses and can reach two floors high. Within this set of houses there are two-storey square-floor homes up to rectangular-height houses. It usually has a ground floor where granaries, stables and other agricultural units were installed, and one or more raised floors that serve as housing.

The size of its plant is usually considerable in the main building, since all members of a family live together in the sun.

The roof depending on the property is made in several ways or models, depending on the importance develops from four to a water, of curved tiles.


AREA Los Quintos

ADDRESS Las Cuevas, 4. Polgon 5, plot 139.


X 343362.67

And 3141336.16

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