Villa de Los Realejos
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It rises in the thirties of the twentieth century, takes its name from the nickname of the homebuilder, owner of much of the land on this side of the coast. At the beginning of the 20th century, architecture in the Canary Islands was immersed in different languages with multiple decorative and formal influences with academic, historicist and regionalist compositions. The avant-garde of the beginning of this century resulted in the creation of a new language. Rationalism, which lacks superfluous ornamentation with pure lines and a tendency to abstraction of forms and volumes, is incorporated into the new architectural models, starting from the new facade compositions until reaching the spatial conception of the new buildings.

Casa del Cochino de Oro (Puerto Franco, 41)

It is a simple, large-area property, which rises from a height floor existing in the public area a rectangular facade of a height. The plant in 'U ' leaves a small yard in the back. On the main facade, there is a studied volumetric and compositional game, reflected by the orderly placement of the openings. Highlights include the horizontal strips that make up a cement mortar and a sill in the roof area. The set is covered by a flat roof with four waters. Inside, the hydraulic slab floors stand out. In its rear part a patio and garden are generated, generated by the characteristic shape of its plant.

Casa del Cochino de Oro (Puerto Franco, 41)


AREA San Agust n

ADDRESS N Puerto Franco Street, 41


X 344616.84

And 3141641.83

Illustrious City Hall of the Villa de Los Realejos, u201 Inventory of Real Estate of the Villa de Los Realejos. Tenerife Island ' , Hon. Town Hall of the Villa de Los Realejos, 2012.

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