Villa de Los Realejos
- Arquitectura Civil y Doméstica. Arquitectura Doméstica Urbana -

Located on the west side of the Plaza del Carmen, the property dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. The compositional simplicity and the figurative abstraction of the property where there is a fusion of aesthetic features encompasses it within the typology of ecological property, built according to adjacent building guidelines possessing characteristic features in the decorative elements of the sills of The upper openings. In this way, the incipient ecological style incorporates new construction processes, structural systems and improvements in habitability.

Casa Toste (La Alhóndiga, 3)

The property adapts to the orography of the land between La Alh ndiga street and Plaza del Carmen, maintaining in the area of the square a unique height while in the area of the street it develops a stepped facade in two and one height. It is built on a polygonal plant covered with flat roofs. The arrangement of the openings is ordered on the façade, with openings externally finished by sill rails on the upper floor. Stresses the stone ledge that tops the facade and delimits the beginning of the parapet that closes the flat roof perimeter.

Casa Toste (La Alhóndiga, 3)


AREA San Agust n

ADDRESS Street La Alh ndiga, 2


X 344590.80

And 3141241.03

Category of Monument. Church of Carmen and San Agust Square n.

BIC data: Decree 90/2008, of May 6. Official Newsletter of the Canary Islands, n 97, Thursday, May 15, 2008.

Los Realejos PGO , Protection Logo, Los Realejos, 2013.- In initial approval phase.

Decree 90/2008, of May 6. Official Newsletter of the Canary Islands, n 97, Thursday, May 15, 2008.

Illustrious City Hall of the Villa de Los Realejos, u201 Inventory of Real Estate of the Villa de Los Realejos. Tenerife Island ' , Hon. Town Hall of the Villa de Los Realejos, 2012.

OA3 Architecture Office Tres SLP, 'PGO Los Realejos ' , Protection Logo, Los Realejos, 2013. - Approval -.

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