Villa de Los Realejos
- Arquitectura Civil y Doméstica. Arquitectura Doméstica Urbana -

This property is located in the surroundings of the Church of Santiago Ap stol on Avenida de Los Remedios, with a significantly trapezoidal facade along the slope of the vay and an asymmetric composition of its openings was erected at the end of the 18th century. Built under the stilemmas of the traditional Canarian domestic architecture with a plant in 'L ' that houses a courtyard inside with galleries on right feet, of mud influences in the resolution of its roofs by means of a wooden structure to three waters covered with Arabic tile. During the nineteenth century it underwent important transformations such as the replacement of its carpenters with the current glazed guillotine sheets.

Casa Morales

Building of plant in 'L ' with interior patio, two heights and roof with wooden structure to three waters and covering of Arabic tile. The main façade in a substantially trapezoidal way, by the slope of the opening which opens, shows the opening of six openings, three per floor, placing a window on the ground floor flanked by doors on both sides. Upstairs three windows with wooden carpentry with sill windows and glazed guillotine sheets. The Fachada o frontispicio de una fábrica o de otra cosa.

Tambien se denomina Frontis al paramento verticalñ por encima de un arco

' id='41' onmousemove='mIm(event,41);' onMouseOut='oIm(41);' style='display:inline;cursor:hand;text-align:justify'>frontis is topped by an outstanding eave of carved wood on which the roof pours the waters. In the inner courtyard there is a gallery on wooden feet that runs through the entire perimeter of the building.

Casa Morales


AREA Realejo Alto

ADDRESS N Avenida Tres de Mayo, 6


X 344721.51

And 3140446.66

BIC - Incoaci n with category of Historic Set. (Resolution of November 8, 2011 - BOC, No. 230, of November 22, 2011).

Illustrious City Hall of the Villa de Los Realejos, Inventory of Real Estate of the Villa de Los Realejos. Tenerife Island , Hon. Town Hall of the Villa de Los Realejos, 2012.

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