Villa de Los Realejos
- Arquitectura Civil y Doméstica. Arquitectura Doméstica Urbana -

Humble building belonging to an agricultural complex occupying a small plot. It follows the guidelines of the popular terraced house that has been developed since the 16th century in the municipality, with the use of materials of the place for the execution of its bearing walls by means of masonry and larger blocks intertwined in the corners with cover inclined of Arabic tile and facades of very simple compositional scheme. Dated in the seventeenth century.

Casa Higa, 16

The property stands on a small square floor reaching a unique height. Its walls are made of traditional masonry by means of stone and mud walls with interlocking ashlars in the corners in ways that are supported. The vertical walls are coated with lime mortar. The set is covered with a diamond-shaped cover made using a row-pair structure and curved tile. Its facades denote its humble character, with the absence of openings, only the strictly necessary are opened, its carpenter being very simple and little elaborated.

Casa Higa, 16


AREA The Holy Cross

ADDRESS Street Casa Higa, 16 (A)


X 346400.49

And 3140036.18

Illustrious City Hall of the Villa de Los Realejos, u201 Inventory of Real Estate of the Villa de Los Realejos. Tenerife Island ' , Hon. Town Hall of the Villa de Los Realejos, 2012.

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