Villa de Los Realejos
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Religious clothing made by the sewing technique of the mid-19th century. Represents expression of grief, sadness and penance. Using in masses of the dead, Advent and Lent.

Capa pluvial de difuntos

Simple piece made of black velvet, fine gold-plated floral decoration bordering the front and a separate silver plating on the esplada without motifs. On the chest, metallic clasp.

He is accompanied by a black velvet hood on the back. The outline of the chapel is surrounded by wide golden n and golden fringe trimmings; It is attached to the layer by thick lanyards, also in gold color.

I accompanied him to stole.

Capa pluvial de difuntos

Height: 137 cm

Width: 300 cm

Capa pluvial de difuntos

Located in the parish office.

Capa pluvial de difuntos

Foundation International Center for the Conservation of Heritage (Cicop), 2013.

Capa pluvial de difuntos
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Capa pluvial de difuntos Iglesia de Santiago Apóstol - Cat:Iglesias