Villa de Los Realejos
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Dated in the seventeenth century, this property is an example of agricultural construction that could at the time house a family for the exploitation of farms. The most reliable, historically, the property is included in the mud jar style with an intimate relationship between its architectural forms and its functionality, with clear and precise functional schemes, with wide walls that allow to hold the thrusts and give space. But the uniqueness of the property is its presumed characteristic use, where the property was expected to house some industrial machinery for non-manufacturing agricultural production, such as a mill, a warehouse, etc., highlighting the presence of an annexed building. a winery

Calzadilla, 11

Raised on a rectangular floor the building is developed in two heights. The façade presents a disorderly arrangement of its openings, although with a certain logical compositional order. It is characterized by (originally) having two superimposed windows on its public facade, one per floor, where over this time another opening is made in the form of a more modern invoice door.

In its most private facade, next to the access door to the farm, the access doors to the different floors are located, a small balcony is located on the upper floor that serves as a connection between the access door and the staircase . The entire property is made by stone and mud walls with the use of carved ashlars intertwined in corners.

The roof is four waters made in a pair and row structure finished externally with curved tiles. There is a winery for the elaboration of wines in an annexed building on the farm.

Calzadilla, 11


The Holy Cross AREA

ADDRESS N Calzadilla Street, 11


X 346485.60

And 3139989.98

Los Realejos PGO , Protection Logo, Los Realejos, 2013.- In initial approval phase.

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