Villa de Los Realejos
- Arquitectura Religiosa. Calvarios -

This Calvary, built by the Santiago Ap stol church possibly in the last third of the nineteenth century, which has data on its installation since 1869, is located in the district of San Benito, next to the hermitage of San Benito Abad. It was the subject of an intervention at the beginning of the 20th century, with ecological influences, remaining as it is shown today, representing one of the best examples of this typology of buildings. The Calvarians were installed on the outskirts of the population centers, these serve to entrust the divinity to the people who embark on a trip or on their return, it also emerges as a Christian place for the religious manifestation of Holy Week, as well as Architectural space for the recreation of the catechetical values of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ.

Calvario de Santiago Apóstol

This building is built inside a plot, located at a level higher than the one present on the road, limited by a perimeter wall, with pilasters topped with a diamond tip. The Calvary of Santiago Ap stol, executed in a single body of rectangular plan, of limited dimensions, presents a facade of ecclic influences, in which a half-point cover with pilasters and decorative molding in the arcade is installed, where it is housed the glazed wooden door. The country is topped by a cornice on which a large circular front is raised, leaving behind the gable roof with Arabic tile, resolved by a wooden structure of pairs and ridge beam.

Calvario de Santiago Apóstol


San Benito AREA

ADDRESS C / San Benito, 30


X 345173.30

And 3140677.14

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