Villa de Los Realejos
- Arquitectura Religiosa. Iglesias -

This religious building located in the Palo Blanco area, next to the old road that goes up to the summit, has its origin in an old hermitage dedicated to Our Lady of Los Dolores, built in the 18th century, by the Fern ndez Vasconcelos family . In 1963, it is named parish, being shortly after relegated, by the construction in the eighties of a new temple of greater dimensions located next to this one, to which later the institution is transferred. Interesting pieces are preserved, such as the full-size headline image, which tries to emulate his homily from the parish church of San Juan Bautista de La Orotava, known as Virgen de Gloria, the work of the grancanarian sculptor Jos Luj n P rez (1756-1815 ), in addition to other sculptures, such as the Ni or Rey donated by Agust n Fern ndez Vasconcelos after the construction of the Hermitage in the mid-eighteenth century, the image of San Antonio de Padua and San Agust n, also of the century XVIII, and the engraving of small dimensions that represents the Virgin of Sorrows, standing, with open arms, facing upwards, which is protected by a prominent silver frame. The building has undergone several interventions, where its original gable roof with Arabic tile was replaced by a canyon, and is currently devoid of any cult object.

Antigua Iglesia Parroquial

This historic building was built on a rectangular floor plan, where its walls are arranged in a single creak, giving rise to a single-body building, which follows the guidelines of traditional architecture, originally with a resolved roof system by means of a sloping roof with the traditional Arab roof tile, on a wooden structure of peers and ridge beam, which has been lost after being replaced by a barrel ban, although its roofs retain part of the mud jar architecture . It has a small bell tower embedded in its south face, slightly set back from its main facade, which is topped by a spire. Its Fachada o frontispicio de una fábrica o de otra cosa.

Tambien se denomina Frontis al paramento verticalñ por encima de un arco

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Antigua Iglesia Parroquial


Palo Blanco AREA

ADDRESS C / Palo Blanco, 40


X 345335.49

And 3138750.74

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