Villa de Los Realejos
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Unique property that forms a building unit with the extension made in the twentieth century located next to it. The unit that occupies us was erected at the beginning of the 18th century in the popular El Medio de Arriba street, where the usual canons of the primitive mud jar architecture present in the archipelago are applied, by means of the provision of a building two floors with a marked asymmetry in the distribution of the openings and the use of the cover to four waters. Currently, it has undergone some interventions that have altered its original appearance, such as the removal of the coating, setting up a floor on the ground floor.

Antigua Casa Cedrés

Building that was originally configured through a rectangular floor plan with access to the backyard open to the south with wall and cover. Of two heights and traditional cover of pair and row with covering of Arabic tile. The main façade has a marked asymmetry in its distribution of the opening of its openings, presenting two upstairs (windows) and three on the ground floor housing carpenters with tables on their doors. Currently, an unfortunate intervention has lacked the framing of its holes on the ground floor and formed a wall with the mamposter in sight. On the south facade opens a bay upstairs to access the patio.

Antigua Casa Cedrés


ZONA Relajo Alto

ADDRESS Street El Medio de Arriba, 78


X 344615.82

And 3139966.57

Los Realejos PGO , Protection Logo, Los Realejos, 2013. u2013 In initial approval phase-

Illustrious City Hall of the Villa de Los Realejos, Inventory of Real Estate of the Villa de Los Realejos. Tenerife Island , Hon. Town Hall of the Villa de Los Realejos, 2012.

OA3 Architecture Office Tres SLP, 'PGO Los Realejos ' , Protection Logo, Los Realejos, 2013. u2013 In initial approval phase-

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