Villa de Arafo
- Etnografía. Chorros de Agua -

These water jets for public supply are located on the right bank of the Barranco de Avingo or Amance, this street is part of the old 'Camino that goes to the water ', in reference to the main water supply point of Arafo.

Provided by the agarings where the water from the gallery of Avingo originally originated to later, in the first quarter of the twentieth century, be supplied by the gallery of Los Huecos.

The existence of these public water jets could be dated from the first third of the 19th century, since they have a direct link with the hydraulic system that supplies water to the public washings executed on these dates. The jets of water during its operation were a place of encounter and relationship with the neighbors while waiting for the turn to fill the containers.

They are currently protected and restored, thanks to the BIC declaration with the category of the Ethnic Site 'El Mill and Lavaderos ' through DECREE 41/2006.

Chorros del tanque - Arafo -

Public water supply set, which is part of the ethnographic set consisting of pipes, mill and laundry.
The channels that supply this point, come from the water that generates the driving force of the wheels of the old mill, located before them in the water circuit.

It is constituted by a mamposter work that houses different channels and overflows for the operation of these jets.

An upper channel serves four jets, pouring its waters to a small or lower tank, where it is accumulated, to later pass to a last tank, before moving to the washroom ar.

Chorros del tanque - Arafo -

AREA Historic Center
ADDRESS Eduardo Curbelo Fari Street a
X 360,196.96
And 3,135,835.55

Chorros del tanque - Arafo -

DECREE 41/2006 , of May 9, declaring Cultural Interest, with category of Ethnic Site 'E Mill and Laundry ', located in the municipality of Arafo, Tenerife Island, delimiting its protection environment.

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