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Villa de Arafo
- Arquitectura Civil y Doméstica. Arquitectura Doméstica Rural -

In the 16th century, the main families of landowners were already settled in the territory of Arafo, as is the case of the N ez family. Being the main exponent of this family Juan N ez, who at the end of the conquest of this island, requests in advance a date of land with water from the spring, increased on November 20, 1517 by a new cast. A few years later, her cousin Catalina N ez married Trist n B ez, a native of the term Ampurias (Gerona) with whom she had a total of eight children, forming one of the most powerful marriages in the valley.

In this house, dated approximately at the end of the 16th century, Trist n B ez and Catalina N ez probably lived, considered together with their children, as founders of the municipality. His son Diego N ez, clergyman, was the first priest who lived in Arafo, born at the end of the 16th century, inherited a large number of goods throughout the municipality.

The N ez family, which owns a large amount of land, probably erected this building as part of a large agricultural complex, where it is possible to distinguish a tower that serves both to control its properties and to visualize possible pirate incursions. Valley. The building retains annexed elements that denote this agricultural use such as the wineries, the pajeros and the caves that could be used as warehouses.

Nestled in the San Antonio area, I had to leave ...

Building complex consisting of a main building with a rectangular plan and two heights, covered with four pair and row waters and curved tile covering, to which a square-plan tower with a flat roof is attached to its north facade.

In the southwest, the construction of a winery is erected with another series of buildings typical of the work in the field.

To the north there is a series of secondary buildings that were part of this complex, maintaining some of them their traditional roofs of two and three waters with curved tile coverings.

In this complex there are also a series of caves, which could be used to store products.

The main building was executed through the use of stone walls, with corner blocks, collected with rubble, with mud and smaller stones inside them.

The access to the upper floor is carried out by the exterior with two bodies flown, some, which no longer exist except the dogs, which are accessed by means of a stone staircase, which is still preserved, while the second is maintained the structure, but in an unfortunate state of conservation, being able to access through wooden stairs, in both cases they are attached to the facade.

The main facade of the property consists of eight openings, five in the lower part and three in the upper one, the latter being the ones that can maintain their oldest origin. Its placement on the facade is random, which gives ...

Casa de los Nuñez


AREA Historic Center

ADDRESS Calle Victor Servilio P rez, n 2 and 4


X 360,611.01

And 3,135,924.43

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Comentario Magnifica casona solariega con un torreón mirador datada en el siglo XVI, que debería estar ya catalogada como Patrimonio Histórico de la villa de Arafo, con una categoría integral para su debida conservación.


Casa de los Nuñez Casa del Cura Viejo - Cat:Arquitectura Doméstica Hacienda