Villa de Arafo
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The Charter was one of the most influential families in Santa Cruz de Tenerife during the 18th century, both for its unquestionable economic or power, based on its commercial and maritime activities, and for its projection in social life, both civil and religious of the then Puerto and Plaza Fuerte.

The initiator of the saga was Don Mat as Rodr guez Carta, born in 1675, in Santa Cruz de La Palma, of parents also palm trees (l of the Villa de San Andr and she of the palm capital itself) which, dedicated to trade Canarian-American, married on December 17, 1696, therefore at the age of 21, with the Santa Cruz de Concepci n Dom Nguez Perdomo in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where from that moment on.

Leaving aside the special protection that he gave to the Santa Cruz de la Parroquia, which was his most prominent patron as witnessed by his beautiful pulpit and the chapel-pante n that served as a burial for his family, considered as the jewel of the Baroque space in the Canary Islands, among many other attentions; and also to the hermitage of Ntra. Mrs. de Regla to which she endowed with sacristy and altarpiece and various garments, the civil projection of the Charter materialized in the different houses they had.

Located to the Northwest of the urban center of Arafo, in a sector of medians known as Morra el kiln, there is a building complex, probably linked to the letters family, built during the 18th century to house a large agricultural farm and a preserve of hunting.

The building has reached our days, ...

Casa Lo de Cartas

Building set consisting of four modules, of a plant with sloping roof of two and four waters.
They are constructions made with rough stone with large ashlars crossed in the corners to give resistance to these, filled with rubble and collected with mud inside, and plastered in with lime mortars.
The housing module consists of two parts that, at the beginning, were probably independent, although they are currently joined, by a new construction made by its rear. The facade has a total of seven openings, placed randomly on the facade, which indicates the approximate dating of the property.
Attached to these modules there is a winery that maintains all its own characteristics, covered by a two-water roof.
At the entrance of the property there is a module that may be to the place to store the animals of travelers who will pass through the property, as well as the animals of the mountains given their location in the access of the property.


Letters ZONE

ADDRESS Road Letters S / N


X 359,917.51

And 3,137,241.64

Casa Lo de Cartas

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