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It had its origin in an old Calvary, built at the base of an old Pine, in which a small image of the Crucified One was placed, the 'Se or del Pino '. Subsequently, the Chapel was built, which contained inside the base of the trunk of the tree that gives it its name, as well as Calvary and the image of the Lord. It is attached to the first cemetery of the town and being located at the entrance of the town, served as a waiting place for all religious, civil and military authorities, as well as devotional images, which have visited it in the last two centuries.

The first was the 'Pino of Se or ', the only plant symbol of Arafo. This tree already exists when the volcanic eruption of 1705 occurred, which changed the configuration of the town.
Then came the 'alvario del Pino '. Built at the base of the old Pine, it is likely that its origin must be sought in the creation of the parish, in 1795, as it was a normal rule that an ordeal was located on the outskirts of every town, which would serve as a resting place in the V to Crucis of Holy Week.

Later arrived the 'Se or del Pino '. The oral tradition refers that around 1875-1880 Don
Jos Garc a, a local farmer, found a small image of the Crucified, very old and roughly carved and his wife, Marta Batista, convinced him to place it on the local Calvary, as the most decent place possible and He placed it in the hollow of the beautiful old pine. However, there is another theory about his appearance, according to which was Mrs. Bibiana, neighbor of the aforementioned Don Jos ...

Capilla del Señor del Pino

Rectangular chapel of a height with a single access opening. The most unique characteristic within the construction is the opening in its roof inclined to two curved tile waters for the exit of the pine through it. The access door is rectangular with a lowered arch, with two folding leaves and two fixed walls with balustrades.

Capilla del Señor del Pino

AREA Historic Center
ADDRESS Mario Marrero Fari Street a


X 361.240.24
And 3,135,745.63

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