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Chapel of La Cruz Located in the neighborhood of the same name or of 'Aserradero ', it was built by private initiative, being funded by Mr. Tom s P rez Bencomo y Arrosa (1817-1890). It was blessed in 1871 by the priest Claudio Marrero Delgado.
Its founder brought from the Villa de La Orotava the venerated images in the chapel. He also requested the cessation, for the chapel, of the former organ of the parish, on May 10, 1882, the approval of this request, delivered on the 30th of the same month. Subsequently, there is no exact date, this organ disappears from the chapel without knowing what his destiny has been.
The chapel, although it was privately owned, always kept its public use, since the owners organized the annual Feast of the Cross, making it clear in their will D. Tom s P rez Bencomo, to celebrate this holiday, this has been maintained until today, although only the religious act is maintained.
At the beginning of the eighties, the City Council prepared the square of La Cruz, from which the Romer de San Agust n.

Capilla de la Cruz

The main building is of rectangular plan of a single height, made by means of stone and mud walls covered the main nave with a ban. It has a square frontispiece topped by a triangular front n. The main access to the chapel is a semicircular arch made of stone, with a door with two folding wooden leaves. In the upper part of the arc of the half point a shield is located with a cross inscribed in an ellipse and topped with a crown. Attached to the chapel is an annexed building with two floors, with flat roof and exterior wooden staircase.

Capilla de la Cruz

AREA Historic Center
ADDRESS La Cruz Street

X 360,441.08
And 3,135,518.66

Capilla de la Cruz

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