Villa de Arafo
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This building located in the surroundings of the current Plaza de San Juan Degollado, whose initial settlement is historically due to the displacement of the population of Arafo after the eruption in 1705 of the Arenas volcano to this area, where it was located the primitive hermitage dedicated to San Juan Bautista Degollado, which was erected between 1672 and 1690, to later be declared as a parish at the end of the 17th century and be the beginning of the civil segregation of Candelaria. Grouping in this current environment the largest civil buildings in the municipality.

In it was born the priest D. Claudio Marrero Delgado, (1831-1895), who was the priest of the San Juan Degollado church in three different periods, as well as Mr. Ar stides Ferrer Garc a (1911-1992).

Calle Plaza de Juan Degollado nº 1

Housing between medians of two heights and rectangular plant, with covering of three-row and row water cover and made with Arabic tile. The facade has a trapezoidal shape to adapt to the orography of the land.

Its main front is formed by five openings, three on the lower floor, and two on the upper floor, giving rise to an orderly facade with the access door to the dwelling rolled to the left of the vertical axis.

The carpentry, although it does not have an excessive decoration work, if it has a game with the frames, to give a symmetry to the set, playing with square and rectangular squares, placed both horizontally and vertically.

Calle Plaza de Juan Degollado nº 1


AREA Historic Center

ADDRESS N Plaza de Juan Degollado Street 1 (Old Plaza de Jos Antonio Street)


X 360,938.56

And 3,135,653.02

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