Villa de Arafo
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This building, probably built at the end of the 19th century, is located in the street of Mario Marreo Fari to be configured on the historic aboriginal transhumant road that one to the summit and the coast of the Gimar Valley, was related to the old Calvary located at the base of the centennial pine and which today houses the Chapel of Se or del Pino, erected in the 19th century, with the Plaza de San Juan Degollado.
It belonged to Mario Marrero's family, and currently belongs to Luis Domingo Marrero.

Calle Mario Marrero Fariña, nº 40

Rectangular floor housing between medians of a plant, with a backyard that has been used for the extension of the house with annexes in a few later. The facade is trapezoidal to follow the orography of the land. Its facade is formed by four symbolic openings, being three sash-type windows and a double leaf door. The roof is flat with a sill that runs along the entire front with a sill as a stone molding.

Calle Mario Marrero Fariña, nº 40


AREA Historic Center

ADDRESS Calle Marrero Fari a, 40


X 361.098.87

And 3,135,746.52

Calle Mario Marrero Fariña, nº 40

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Calle Mario Marrero Fariña, nº 40 Calle Mario Marrero Fariña - Cat:Calles