Villa de Arafo
- Arquitectura Civil y Doméstica. Arquitectura Doméstica Urbana -

This building is located on Manuel Herrera Street, showing two height and construction characteristics of the early twentieth century. Through its order in facade and decorative linear cornices that mark the plants and cover. Currently his property rests with D. Antonio Sosa.

Calle Manuel Herrera, nº 1 y 3

Housing built between medians, of two heights, with a subsequent addition, which gives a third height, rectangular.
The construction has been done with white tuff blocks, covered by a mortar afterwards.
On the façade we can see three projections as moldings, one marking the end of the ground floor and the beginning of the upper floor, as a gutter, a second at the end of the second floor, as a drip n and a third on the initial parapet, as it has been enhanced, as an abardilla.
On the main front we can see six perfectly aligned and orderly openings, which give rise to a clean facade.
The lower gaps are double leaf swing doors with rectangular frames and a skylight at the top.
The carpenter of the upper floor, is formed by two swinging leaves with glazed leaves with guillotine system. There is also a railing to open these doors, being as balconies.
The set is topped with a flat roof, which has become a patio for the new plant to add, so the parapet has been enhanced to give it the right height.

Calle Manuel Herrera, nº 1 y 3


AREA Historic Center

ADDRESS N Manuel Herrera Street n 3


X 360,561.42

And 3,135,799.61

Calle Manuel Herrera, nº 1 y 3

VV AA : Heritage of the historic center of the town of Arafo, Final Master's Project in rehabilitation of built heritage, CICOP, 2004.

Fari a Pestano, F .: The History of Arafo, City Hall of Arafo. 2004

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