Villa de Arafo
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This building located in the center of the two-storey Calle Musicos de Arafo, and halfway to the historic area called Cruz del Valle, is linked to the road between the town and the volcano.

In this area we can find both rural homes and plots with modern buildings, as is the case of this, that due to the constructive characteristics, orderly openings, and flat roof, it indicates that the house had to be built in the next periods to 1900, being subsequently absorbed by the construction of new adjoining homes.

On the floor of this house, in the sixties, there was a school for children.

Calle Músicos de Arafo, nº4

Housing between horizontal floor mediators, two floors, with a backyard in which annexes to the house have been built.

The facade is slightly trapezoidal to adapt to the orography of the land and is formed by six openings arranged perfectly on the facade, with three remaining at the bottom, which have been replaced by wrought iron elements and windows for a shop window.

The upper openings are formed by door-windows, formed by two swinging leaves and guillotine glass.

The cover is ground and is protected by a sill topped with a curved carving in the laid stone.

Calle Músicos de Arafo, nº4


AREA Historic Center

ADDRESS Calle M sicos de Arafo, 4 (former street Jos Antonio, 4)


X 360,959.58

And 3,135,626.18

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