Villa de Arafo
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Old mercer a, the property is dated at the end of the 19th century, beginning of the 20th century.

This building is located in the historic Isabel II street, currently called La Libertad, whose origins in the path correspond to an ancient aboriginal transhumant road that joins the summit and the coast of the G Mar Valley.

But intimately linked with activity that took place in the area of the Plaza Los Carros corner. In this municipality, with a strong agricultural economy, this place was an enclave for the realization of economic transactions since the 18th century. The cars from the different parts of the island arrived to her, to proceed with the loading and unloading of merchandise, leaving through them to the agricultural production of Arafo, arriving this to the rest of the islander municipalities. Remaining in it still vestiges of the corner reinforcements in some of the buildings for the protection of the beating of the cars in them.

Calle La Libertad nº 67

The property is characterized by being developed in two heights on an L-floor, with a staggered rectangular main facade adapted to the orography of the land. The disposition of its openings is orderly. The walls are made of stone and mud, covering the whole with a flat roof in the highest part and a sloping roof to three waters in the less elevated street below.

Calle La Libertad nº 67


AREA Historic Center

ADDRESS N La Libertad Street, n 67 (former General Franco Street)


X 360,579.32

And 3,135,745.48

Calle La Libertad nº 67
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