Villa de Arafo
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This building of an urban character must have been built during the 19th century, showing its façade to a booming urban environment such as the historic Isabel II street, currently called La Libertad, whose layout lines correspond to an old road Aboriginal transhumant that a to the summit and the coast of the Valley of G sea.
This street connects the Plaza de San Juan Degollado with the old Plazuela del Llano, and through it came much of the public and economic life of Arafo running in both directions the cars that communicated this population with the rest of the regions of the island. In it during the 19th and 20th centuries new buildings were erected that housed public functions (casinos, town hall ...) that coexisted with the historic buildings dedicated to the agricultural holdings so present in the municipality. This building housed on the ground floor the old 'Bar Perico '

Calle La Libertad nº 41

Corner house, between La Libertad street and Valent n Fari a street, where it adapts to the orography of La Libertad street. It has two heights and has a rectangular floor plan, in which the patio has been occupied by the subsequent annexes.
On the facade of La Libertad Street there are three openings, two on the upper floor and one on the lower floor, all of them replaced and not maintaining any type of carpentry that could have existed previously.
As for Valent n Fari a Fari a Street, the facade is rectangular, with a total of nine completely messy openings.
You can intuit that the house on this street has an access, which was later replaced by a window, since a module that increased the size and changed the morphology of the house itself was attached.
The cover is flat allowing access for your use and usual enjoyment of the property.

Calle La Libertad nº 41


AREA Historic Center

ADDRESS N Liberty Street 41 (former General Franco Street)


X 360,683.41

And 3,135,711.03

Calle La Libertad nº 41

VV AA: Patr immonium of the rich historical center of the village of Arafo, Work End International Master in n rehabilitation of the built heritage, CICOP, 2004.

Fari a Pestano, F : The History of Arafo , City Hall of Arafo. 2004

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