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This building is located in the historic Isabel II street, currently called La Libertad, whose layout lines correspond to an ancient aboriginal transhumant road that connects to the summit and the coast of the Gimar Valley.

This street connects the Plaza de San Juan Degollado with the old Plazuela del Llano, and through it came much of the public and economic life of Arafo running in both directions the cars that communicated this population with the rest of the regions of the island. In it during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries new buildings were erected that housed public functions (casinos, town hall ...) that coexisted with the historic buildings dedicated to the agricultural holdings so present in the municipality.

This house, although it has been slightly modified over time, maintains its main characteristics, which give us an idea that its construction is approximately the 18th century, since there is no order in the openings, being one of the characteristics of the construction of that time.

Calle La Libertad, nº 8

Traditional housing with an L-shaped floor plan, with two floors in one module and a single floor in another, adapting to the orography of the land, which causes a trapezoidal facade. In the back of the house there is a patio / orchards in which annexes have been added over time to the original home.

The main front is formed by two modules, one of a single plant that is covered with a flat roof, while the second module has two heights with a four-water covering with Arabic tile.

The house has a total of six openings in the facade that overlooks La Libertad Street, placed in an orderly manner, having two doors the module of a plant, having been one of them replaced, and three windows and a door that of two plants, this door also being replaced.

The carpenter lacks decoration, being simply wooden planks, in the case of the door or a few simple frames in the case of the windows, in this case, the frames act as shutters. All the openings have a wooden molding as well as the rest, without decoration.

On the second floor appears what can be a balcony that opens towards the flat roof, which has been absorbed by the subsequent modifications that the house has undergone.

Calle La Libertad, nº 8


AREA Historic Center

ADDRESS N La Libertad Street, 8 (Old General Franco Street)


X 360,863.70

And 3,135,695.97

Calle La Libertad, nº 8

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