Villa de Arafo
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This building is located at the end of Liberty Avenue, is the key to the development of the municipality, found imbued with the Plaza de Los Carros or Plazuela del Llano, which was historically a neurological center of the Arafo economy.
In this municipality, with a strong agricultural economy, this place was an enclave for the realization of economic transactions since the 18th century. The cars from the different parts of the island arrived to her, to proceed with the loading and unloading of merchandise, leaving through them to the agricultural production of Arafo, arriving this to the rest of the islander municipalities. Remaining in it still vestiges of the corner reinforcements in some of the buildings for the protection of the beating of the cars in them.
Traces still appear that the house is closely linked to the time when the use of cars was a typical one, since it has a corner stone, which protects the corner of the house from the blows that could occur .
Due to the characteristics of the building we can date the approximate construction at the beginning of the 19th century, not being able to date it more accurately.
In this house lived Jos Rodr guez Arvelo who was secretary of the regional court for an approximate year.

Calle La Libertad, nº 60

Housing that is located at a crossroads, with what is a corner house with two facades views, in both cases adapting to the land.
It is a construction of two heights on the facades seen, with an L-shaped plant, leaving a patio inside.
The facade that overlooks the main street, La Libertad Street, there are four openings, perfectly aligned two to two, with the doors on the ground floor, at least in part, below the street level.
The same thing happens with the door that exists in the back facade of the house, which is semi buried by the increase in street level.
On the upper floor of the house on the face that faces the East, there is an exterior corridor, used to join the different rooms of the house by the outer face, protected by windows.
The doors of the property are of simple invoicing, made with two swinging sheets with rectangular frames, in the case of the main facade and of smooth board in the case of the side. Also the windows are double-leaf type guillotine, although the two corner windows at the time of the visit there are no stas.
It also appears on the upper floor, on the side facade a small window. All windows have a wooden sill, except one that, in that case is mortar, perimetrated with geometric molding.
The set is topped with a flat roof with a small wall of fall protection and covered with a stone handrail

Calle La Libertad, nº 60


AREA Historic Center

ADDRESS N La Libertad Street, n 60 (former General Franco Street)


X 360,558.29

And 3,135,763.07

Calle La Libertad, nº 60

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