Villa de Arafo
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This building is located in the historic Isabel II street, currently La Libertad street.
This street connects the Plaza de San Juan Degollado with the old Plazuela del Llano, and through it came much of the public and economic life of Arafo running in both directions the cars that communicated this population with the rest of the regions of the island. In it during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries new buildings were erected that housed public functions (casinos, town hall ...) that coexisted with the historic buildings dedicated to the agricultural holdings so present in the municipality.
Its construction can be dated approximately in the 19th century, this place being an old town hall (beginning of the 20th century).
Its current owner is Edel Mesa Delgado.

Calle La Libertad, nº 54

Housing built between mediators, in which you can distinguish two blocks due to the land that requires the housing to be staggered. Made in a single height with a basement that, due to the orography of the land, stands out in the lower part of the house, where two small windows have been made to give it light. In addition to the two windows, five openings, three in one module and two in the other are arranged on the façade, these are the openings of the doors placed in a disorderly manner and those of the window in an orderly manner with respect to a axis of symmetry a.
The carpenters have no decoration beyond the decoration made with the frames, where we can see that none of the doors are the same
The doors are made with double folding leaf and with a straight flashing.
The windows are of the same characteristics, with an arcane arch, which adapts to the opening of the opening, and consists of two leaves, with a guillotine-like window at the top, and under this a window railing, under which there is a blind wooden room to finish the set.
The lower windows are made of wooden slats and closed with iron bars without forging.
The facade is topped with a parapet that conceals a flat roof on one side, and on the other hand a gable roof made with flat roof tile, from which the flat roof is also serviced.

Calle La Libertad, nº 54


AREA Historic Center

ADDRESS N La Libertad Street, n 54 (former General Franco Street)


X 360,589.61

And 3,135,754.13

Calle La Libertad, nº 54

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