Villa de Arafo
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The house can be analyzed, but it is not understood if it is not studied together with the attached building and the importance of the street. It is presumably dated at the beginning of the 20th century. This building is located in the historic Isabel II street, currently called La Libertad, whose origins in the path correspond to an ancient aboriginal transhumant road that joins the summit and the coast of the G Mar Valley.

This street connects the Plaza de San Juan Degollado with the old Plazuela del Llano, and through it came much of the public and economic life of Arafo running in both directions the cars that communicated this population with the rest of the regions of the island. In it during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries new buildings were erected that housed public functions (casinos, town hall, etc.) that coexisted with the historic buildings dedicated to the agricultural holdings so present in the municipality.

Calle La Libertad, nº 36

Currently the property has a T-shaped plant (the whole must be analyzed with the attached housing to understand the importance, the configuration and the original features), where the main facade communicates directly with La Libertad street. It is developed in a single plant, by means of stone and mud walls, flat roof and originally wood carpentry. The arrangement of the openings is messy but with a certain logical order.

Calle La Libertad, nº 36


AREA: 36 La Libertad Street (Old General Franco Street)


X: 360,686.69

Y: 3,135,724.60

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