Villa de Arafo
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This building located in the surroundings of the current square of San Juan Degollado.

This initial settlement is historically due to the displacement of the population of Arafo after the eruption, in 1705, of the Arenas volcano. Grouping in this current environment the largest civil buildings in the municipality. This is the case of this building possibly built in the late eighteenth century, belonged to the Ferrer family.

Calle Juan Luis Coello Rodríguez n º 7

Housing between mediators, with a U-shaped floor, although one of the arms or both have been annexed throughout the life of the construction, with an interior patio.

It has two floors in its main module.

The facade has ten perfectly aligned and symmetrical openings with respect to an imaginary vertical axis, distributed five on the first and five on the second floor.

On the ground floor there are three interior access doors formed by two swinging leaves with two rectangular frames separated with a comb. The lower windows are made with a wooden sill with frames and two folding blind windows formed by rectangular and square frames. On these windows there are two other sheets also made with frames, which could have had externally glass since there are sticks, both vertical and horizontal.

In the upper part there are two fixed windows or windows divided into eight lights by means of sticks. In addition to these three large sash-type windows, with a wooden drawer railing.

The facade is topped with a ledge on which a small parapet appears behind what hides a flat roof that covers the entire building.

Calle Juan Luis Coello Rodríguez n º 7


AREA Historic Center

ADDRESS N Juan Luis Coello Rodr guez Street, n 7


X 360,905.45

And 3,135,733.10

Calle Juan Luis Coello Rodríguez n º 7

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