Villa de Arafo
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This building of an urban character probably erected during the 19th century, is located in the historic Eduardo Curbelo Fari street that communicated the old Plazuela del Llano, a reference point for the economy to the spider, with the old gofio mill and the public laundries, whose origins in their layout correspond to the ancient aboriginal transhumance path that joins the summit and the coast of the G Mar Valley, and which continues along La Morra del Tanque, El Pinalete and Las Arenas, joins Arafo , with La Orotava, through La Crucita and Aguamansa.

Calle Eduardo Curbelo Fariña nº 3

Housing built between mediators, of two heights, with rectangular plan, in which new rooms have been added later, in the back of the property, which has caused an increase in the square meters built.
The facade has a trapezoidal shape with six openings aligned both vertically and horizontally, which shows an orderly front.
The lower openings consist of a window and two doors, while the upper openings are sash-type windows, although they lack the lower leaf in all of them.
The lower doors are composed of two hinged sheets formed by wooden frames, having been replaced in one of them, by two fixed wooden ones.
The Fachada o frontispicio de una fábrica o de otra cosa.

Tambien se denomina Frontis al paramento verticalñ por encima de un arco

' id='41' onmousemove='mIm(event,41);' onMouseOut='oIm(41);' style='display:inline;cursor:hand;text-align:justify'>frontis is topped with a parapet of the same material as the rest of the facade, and topped with a mezzanine that runs the entire perimeter, while the annexes are covered with sloping roofs of different provisions.

Calle Eduardo Curbelo Fariña nº 3


AREA Historic Center

ADDRESS Eduardo Curbelo Fari Street a, n 3


X 360,501.77

And 3,135,776.35

Calle Eduardo Curbelo Fariña nº 3

VV AA : Heritage of the historic center of the town of Arafo , Final Master's Project in the rehabilitation of built heritage, CICOP, 2004.

Fari a Pestano, F : The History of Arafo , City Hall of Arafo. 2004

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