Villa de Arafo
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This building probably built on the former grounds of the Nu ez family that already settled in the territory of Arafo in the 16th century. The land on which the construction dating from the early twentieth century was erected, were linked to the building complex known as the 'Casa del Cura Viejo ', which in the first quarter of the twentieth century became part of the possessions of Don Manuel Herrera Hern ndez, counselor of the island council for the liberal party in 1916 and famous grower and producer of fine tobacco on the island of Tenerife. Who was born in La Laguna founded the tobacco factory 'La Tinerfe at ' having crops and dryers in the area of El Portugu s in Arafo. This married the spider Herminia Batista P rez.

This building, probably built to house Don Manuel Herrera Hernandez and his wife, should have been executed during the first quarter of the 20th century, showing in it some striking references to Anglo-Saxon architecture, with the cottage-like decorations made in a decorative way in the facade configuration.

Calle Andrés Orozco Batista nº 14

This building shows intentions of incorporation in an urban character plot. Configured by two bodies slightly differentiated by their arrangement in different dimensions. The first rectangular plan body aligns its facade to the street, with a single floor and flat roof, in which five openings, two doors to the right and three sash windows are opened. The second body slightly retracted from the previous one, but joined in the western part, develops at a higher level, so it is accessed from the outside by an open staircase.

This second body, of a residential character, shows a covered porch on its east facade that opens to the views of the ocean. In the central part of this module a second height is raised with a flat roof, but in which a curious facade solution is applied, configuring false covers visually using a wooden framework, a cottage-type solution with decorated moldings .

Calle Andrés Orozco Batista nº 14


AREA Historic Center

ADDRESS Calle Andr s Orozco Batista n 14


X 360,514.15

And 3,135,862.69

Calle Andrés Orozco Batista nº 14

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